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May 3, 2011


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Harem Event: Trading Card Totty

Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2011, 10:26 AM

With the Hot Summer Nights event going so well I'm beginning to think about what other events we could hold here at Jessies-Harem and Trading Cards came to mind.

For those of you not familiar with them, trading cards are playing card sized game cards with a small picture, some stats and a very brief bio. Decks of them can be used for a game where people compared the stats, with the winner taking their opponents card. The game ends when one player has all the cards.

For the event I've designed a template which could then be used with your OCs or favourite female characters to create a trading card for the special Jessie's Harem deck.

All you'd have to do would be to drop in a picture of your chosen character, give a little background for them and make up some stats to fit the categories on the card (guidance for assigning scores is available on the template page and at the bottom of this blog. :))

Completed trading cards:…
Trading Card - Anderson by jessiesheramTrading Card - Black Cat by jessiesheram:thumb207406571:Trading Card - Catwoman by jessiesheramTrading Card - Cortana by jessiesheram:Trading Card - Crush by OriginalUnoriginalTrading Card - Divebomb by jessiesheramTrading Card - Elektra by jessiesheramTrading Card - Empowered by jessiesheramEremert Trading card by Dark-LucidFallen Wing Trading Card by DualmaskTrading Card - Fantastic Lin by jessiesheramTrading Card - Felinda by jessiesheramTrading Card - Flux by jessiesheramTrading Card - Fremelda by jessiesheramTrading Card - Ghost Omega-1 by jessiesheramTrading Card - Harley Quinn by jessiesheramTrading Card - Haruko Hitamura by jessiesheramTrading Card - Haunting Shade by Gong63Isis Sanura Trading card by Dark-LucidJehity Sanura Trading card by Dark-LucidTrading Card - Katheryne by jessiesheramTrading Card - Kristy by KreaturezTrading Card - Lara by jessiesheramTrading Card - Lara Croft by jessiesheramTrading Card - Lin by jessiesheramLucyfa Trading Card by Dark-LucidLuna Tick Trading Card by Dark-LucidTrading Card - Magic Wanda by Gong63Trading Card - Maria by jessiesheramMegumi Trading card by Dark-LucidTrading Card- Melan N'Krimii by dinshinoTrading Card - Meltdown by jessiesheramTrading Card - Mesmeratrix by Gong63Trading Card - Mindf$ck by jessiesheramTrading Card - Mistress Jessie by jessiesheramTrading Card - Moonshade by jessiesheramTrading Card - Morgana by jessiesheramTrading Card - Nekro by jessiesheramTrading Card - Nightshade by jessiesheramNikah Trading Card by CharSolTrading Card - Ninjette by jessiesheramTrading Card - Ocelotina by jessiesheramPedobear Trading card by Dark-LucidTrading Card - Pheonix by jessiesheramTrading Card - Poison Ivy by jessiesheramTrading Card - Power Girl by jessiesheramPrier trading card by Dark-LucidPrudence Trading card by Dark-LucidTrading Card - Psylocke by jessiesheramRaine Trading Card by IdolMonkehTrading Card - Raven by jessiesheramTrading Card - Rita by KreaturezTrading Card - Robin by jessiesheramTrading Card - Kitty Pryde by jessiesheramTrading Card - She-Hulk by jessiesheramSil tradeing card by Dark-LucidSiphon Trading Card for JH by Turbulence1973Trading Card - Sistah Spooky by jessiesheramTrading Card - Slice by jessiesheramTrading Card - Spartan-069 by jessiesheramTrading Card - Spaz by KreaturezTrading Card - Storm by jessiesheramTrading Card - Supergirl by jessiesheramTrading Card - Toxin by jessiesheramTrading Card - Wght Comp. Cube by jessiesheramTrading Card - Whipcord by jessiesheramTrading Card - White Queen by jessiesheramTrading Card - Wonder Woman by jessiesheramTrading Card - X-23 by jessiesheramTrading Card - Xeria by jessiesheramTrading Card - Zatanna by jessiesheramZelda Sanura by Dark-LucidTrading Card - Zoe by jessiesheram

:bulletwhite: Strength, the amount of physical power they wield,
1 - Incapable: unable to move or act under their own power at all
2 - Impaired: struggles to move under their own power
3 - Feeble: cannot lift more than a couple of kilos
4 - Weak: cannot lift own body weight
5 - Normal: able to lift own body weight
6 - Peak human: able to lift twice own body weight
7 - Superhuman: 800 lbs-25 ton range
8 - Superhuman: 25-75 ton range
9 - Superhuman: 75-100 ton range
10 - Incalculable: in excess of 100 tons

:bulletwhite: Intelligence, how easily they can think their way out of a situation,
1 - Brain-dead : cannot even fire a synapse
2 - Slow/Impaired: takes a couple of minutes to grasp even the simplest situation or instructions
3 - Sub-normal: able to get by on a day-to-day basis, but struggles with the unexpected
4 - Normal: can understand most things easily and adapts to situations well
5 - Educated: understands a few topics to a high degree
6 - Learned: understands several disciplines to a high degree
7 - Gifted: able to turn their hand to almost any field of study without difficulty
8 - Genius: able to create new opportunities and possibilities within their given field of expertise
9 - Super-Genius: able to create new opportunities and possibilities in any situation
10 - Omniscient: able to understand any situation or piece of information with only the briefest of study

:bulletwhite: Beauty, how physically attractive they are,
1 - Grotesque: this person is truly revolting to look at
2 - Inhuman: barely recognisable as human at all
3 - Ugly: pointed out in a crowd due to their bad looks
4 - Passable: unnoticed in a crowd, either in a good or bad way
5 - Engaging: able to get others to buy her drinks with a smile
6 - Distracting: causes heads to turn whenever she walks down the street
7 - Praiseworthy: receives unsolicited gifts from strangers
8 - Attractive: able to get others to do what they want with the minimal of fuss
9 - Gorgeous: able to get others to kill with a smile
10 - Divine: can get others to kill themselves with a bat of her eyelashes

:bulletwhite: Power, the affect of any magical, technological or biological abilities they may have,
1 - Powerless: the character has no powers at all, or their powers can't affect the world in any way
2 - Nuisance: powers can distract others, but cause no damage
3 - Painful: powers can cause minor damage only (surface burns, scratches, slight headaches)
4 - Normal: powers can cause notable damage (knock a person down, burn off clothing, inflict crippling headaches)
5 - Energised: powers can cause heavy damage (throw a person, remove limbs, erase memories)
6 - Charged: powers can kill a person with one shot
7 - Supercharged: powers destroy a building with one shot
8 - Devastating: powers can destroy a town or small city with one shot
9 - Masterful: powers could destroy a country with one shot
10 - Omnipotent: powers could destroy a planet with one shot

:bulletwhite: Aggression, how easily provoked they are, or how destructive they can be once provoked)
1 - Pacifist: never loses their temper, no matter what the provocation
2 - Cool-headed: keeps their calm in a crisis, very rarely loses their temper
3 - Controlled: manages their anger in order to keep themselves calm in difficult situations
4 - Disciplined: keeps their eye on the ball, controls their anger to further their goals
5 - Normal: loses their temper at appropriate times when provoked
6 - Short-fuse: loses temper easily, but usually can control themselves when they do
7 - Hothead: loses temper easily and can be led into making foolhardy mistakes because of it
8 - Combative: loses their temper easily and is willing to start fights when riled
9 - Destructive: loses their temper at the smallest provocation, willing to cause lasting damage
10 - Powderkeg: loses their temper at the smallest provocation, willing to kill over a spilt drink

:bulletwhite: Slutiness, how easy they are, or how nasty they're willing to be in bed.
1 - Celibate: they've chosen to never have sex, under any circumstances
2 - Virgin: so far they haven't had sex, not necessarily by choice
3 - Cold-fish: they've had sex, but don't really like it
4 - Limited: sex is something they enjoy, but not too often
5 - Normal: has has several partners and knows the basics of enjoying physical love
6 - Experienced: has had several partners and has experimented with alternate forms of physical love
7 - Lusty: willing to have sex with just about anyone, although only if you buy her dinner first
8 - Slut: has sex anywhere, with anyone, but only when she wants to
9 - Whore: willing to use sex to further their own ends, no matter who it's with, where or when
10 - Superwhore: sex is the entire point of her existence, if she's not doing it with someone then she's probably doing it to herself

The trick is to balance the grading so any card could be defeated with the correct choice of category. So since Tara's such a bloodthirsty slut but has no special abilities other than being able to operate a surprisingly large array of weapons she get high Aggression and Slutiness, but very low Power. On the other hand Slice's cybernetic arm gives her enormous Strength and Power, but she's far more cool tempered than Tara, even if she's still a bit of a slut.

I'd advise not taking the total of all the stats over 40, otherwise you'll end up with an horrendously overpowered card which wouldn't be much use in the game.


Are you an artist currently taking commissions? If so please send a deviation featuring your current price lists and details of how to contact you and we'll feature it for you here.

COMMISSION INFO by Blackwalker80Commission by MrOrbital:thumb63192952:Attlantic Commission InfoW by itt0ryu
Commission Card by Draggah-NCommission Flyer by ErobotikaBoard by Pastillita

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here's my card: [link]
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Thanks, invite's sent. :)
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my contribution for event [link] [link] [link]
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Thanks. :D

Unfortunately we've run out of room on the blog entry, but I've sent an invite to have them added to the event gallery. :)
FelipeMaker-BR Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
silverhammerbro Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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Thanks for these. Unfortunately we've run out of space on the blog, but they'll be visible in the event gallery just as soon as you accept the invites. :)
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